Understanding the Use of Doctors Excuse Note

Insurance FormsThere are many types of excuse notes that could be submitted to an employer or a teacher. One of these is the doctors excuse note. It is a sick note submitted after an employee or a student have being absent from work or class for a couple of days. Many reasons could be responsible for an employee or a student being absent, but this question could be asked: was there permission before the absence?   Of course the answer would be relative!

Many organizations are very strict with regards to absenteeism and they frown at workers or students who flaunt the rules. The only condition that could be acceptable with unexplained absenteeism is ill health. Even with this, a doctor’s note or sick note is needed to affirm that the absence was truly as a result of an illness for which the employee or student couldn’t have been able to work or participate in school activities.


However, many people would want to use doctors excuse note if they are off work or school to attend to some personal activities. A doctor cannot sign a sick note for them because they were not sick; alternatively they would go to the internet to download doctors excuse notes. These downloadable doctors excuse note are also called fake absence excuse note or fake doctor’s note.

For you succeed with the use of a absence excuse note it is vital that you make the note believable. If there are giveaways on the note, your boss or teacher is likely to become suspicious of the note you have submitted. To be on the safe side, you can apply the following tips:

  • Ensure that the date written on the note corresponds with the time you have been absent.
  • Provide accurate and verifiable information with regards the doctors’ address and contact section of the note
  • use sick notes with quality prints
  • The excuse notes should be drafted professionally.

Finally, doctors excuse note can help you save your job or continue your studies. However, you should know that there are consequences if you are caught for forgery and deceit.

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