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Symptoms of depressive episodes to watch out for in Adults

Do you know the symptoms of the medical situation called depression? I am not just talking about being depressed as a social condition but as a medical condition. If not, then keep reading, to learn more about the symptoms of depressive episodes to watch out for in adults.

They include:

  • feeling of anxiety
  • irritability
  • inability to experience pleasure
  • sleep problems
  • morbid thoughts of suicide or death
  • weight and appetite loss
  • fatigue and loss of energy
  • feeling of extreme loneliness and hopelessness
  • Feeling of guilt

These are some of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder episodes that you should watch out for in a patient. Note that with such symptoms you certainly don’t need to get a fake note from a doctor to show at your work or job. Sometimes you might even want a doctors note – look here for more info.

However, other symptoms or signs Bipolar Disorder include: Rapid Cycling or rapid mood shifts that may result to having different types of episodes in year. Psychosis and Seasonal changes in mood are other noticeable symptoms in most people.

Finally, if you or your loved is experiencing any of the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Adults, it is advisable to contact your mental health provider for treatment.