Try Using a Fake Doctors Note to Have Your Way Today

a fake note from the doctorsEver use a free fake dr note? If no then it is important you consider using one. It is possible you don’t even know that “fake doctors note” exist and not to talk of using it. Well, I want to let you know that a fake doctor’s note exist and many people are taking advantage of it to get by in their places of work and in their schools.

What is a fake doctors note? 

For those who still wonder what a fake doctors note could mean, here is what it is. If you are sick and have to be diagnosed by a doctor, it is possible that the doctor will advise you to take bed rest. Or, the doctor can advise your employer or teacher to allow some days to rest so you can recuperate and get back to work. The doctor’s note giving the order above is referred to as a “doctor’s note”.

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However, if this note is not coming from a doctor then it could be “faked” and this is when you have “fake doctor’s note”. One of these is mostly used by employees or students in lieu of the real medical notes from real doctors. There are reasons why many people cannot get access to real doctor’s notes and these may include:

  • lack of finances to pay for diagnosis
  • inability to get real doctor’s notes on time because of ill health
  • The employee is in perfect health and cannot trick a doctor to give him/her a note to cover his/her intentions, etc.

If you are not able to get doctor’s note then you can go for “fake doctors note”. Remember that the use of medical notes that are not genuine can cause problems for you in the workplace if you are caught. So, discretion must be applied even when decide to use one.


To fake your own doctor’s note can be tricky especially if it has to look authentic in the eyes of your employer. However it’s not impossible if you follow the guidelines carefully. You need to have a good quality stationary and a doctor’s letter head.

You must be well versed with the contents of a doctor’s note and include them appropriately or the note could look suspicious. This should include your name the doctor’s name, date of visit, diagnosis and restrictions. This would call for use of medical terminology which you can easily accessthrough the internet. Caution must be taken on the signature of the doctor since it could be viewed as forgery .It is highly unlikely that your boss’s call to verify unless it is a rampant act.

The other alternative would be to use an authentic sample of a doctor’s note to work from. You can create a copy using word- processing software like OpeOffice.With this you can produce and edit a fake note which looks as good as the real one. You can also choose a scanner as the other option to making your own note. You can use a scanner that can pick up text and can create an editable document complete with all the hospital logos. You’ll need a recent printout as well.


15 thoughts on “Try Using a Fake Doctors Note to Have Your Way Today

  1. Jasmine Jackson

    Jasmine was seen today in our Houston office for a high fever and a bit of dehydration. She may return to work on 5-9-2015

  2. Arnette frost

    Arnette frost was seen 6:00am
    At beth isreal hospital do to stomach problems/bathroom runs,and nausea
    She will return to work tommorow and is able to work.

    Dr. Norman

  3. Susan

    Leetron Edwards was seen in our office on 5/2/15 for an injury to his ankle.
    Xrays were negative for any fracture. He has a severe ankle sprain and can not
    return to school until 5/25/15.

  4. Jacqualine

    Jacqualine Untiedt was seen in our office on 5/20/15 for a possible seizure. Jacqualine was examined by Dr. Spanaki, our resident neurologist, who performed an extensive physical including MRI of the brain. Jacqualine has been cleared by Dr. Spanaki to return to work after May 21st, 2015.

  5. Quinetta Davis

    Aryae’ Lane was seen at All children’s Clinic on June 25, 2015 and was accompanied by Jarvis Lane. Please allow Jarvis Lane to return to work on June 26, 2015. Thank you

  6. Deborah patrick

    Deborah was seen at Excel Urgent Care at 1145 am on Tuesday, June 23 2015 with a sprained right hand. She will be off work until Friday, June 26 2015.

    Excel urgent care
    175 Edgefield Blvd
    Marion Ohio 43302

    (740) 751-6433

  7. Jessica

    Jessica Timms was seen on Thursday July, 10 2015 with complaints of metal shavings in her eyes. She possible has a corneal abrasion. She may return to work on Tuesday July 14 2015

  8. Shantesha oneal

    I need a doctors note, was seen at Winthrop University Hospital on 8/14/15 and diagnosed with pneumothorax and can return to work on 8/17/15 with no restrictions.

  9. Debra

    I was bleeding constantly today and cramping really bad I need a note saying that Im pregnant and need to be on bed rest from 11/28 until 11/30

  10. Robert Shaffer

    Was seen on 11/28/2015 as well as 11/30/2015 due to headaches, body and leg cramps. He has been cleared for work and may return 12/01/2015


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